Piantar Baracca

at Gallery Molly Krom @ Castello 925

June 29 - July 22 2018

Castello 925 (Venice) and Gallery Molly Krom (New York) present “Piantar Baracca”, a solo exhibition by a New York based artist Katerina Marcelja. This is the second collaborative exhibition between these galleries. “Piantar Baracca” is on view at gallery Castello 925 from June 29 through July 22. Opening Reception is Friday, June 29th, 6-9 pm.

This exhibition presents a series of Marcelja’s prints that came to life as a result of a rigorous process of working with clusters of graphic sequences etched on multiple plates. These sequences were then disassembled and recombined, challenging boundary conditions and narrative logic. The wild lines of Marcelja's etchings are truncated by the boundaries of the geometric plates of ghostly greys and deep blacks only to re-emerge in another sequence, creating a structural dialog between the individual prints.

Unstable narratives emerge from this incessant recombination of sequences. The fluidity of the relationships between the works challenges the reflexive expectation of structural continuity, architectural logic, and functional purpose of individual lines and prints.

>>>Critical text by Francesca Di Gioia (Italian)