Wet Wings and Wooden Sails

at Giacobetti Paul Gallery

Sept. 6 - 30, 2012

In “Wet Wings and Wooden Sails” Katerina Marcelja presents a series of sculptures made with the discarded material from an abandoned house. They are visions of adventure, fantasy and folly that materialized as the house was deconstructed for remodeling. The work reflects the imagery that was revealed as the static state of domestic order gave way to the growing and mutating chaos of mounds of tubes, wires and wooden lattice.

The work is suspended between the weight and familiarity of the domestic realm recognizably inprinted in the material and the suggestion of a disjointed odyssey. The use of common objects with an epic undertone results in some unlikely juxtapositions; at times startling, humorous and poetic.

That unsounded ocean you gasp in is life, 2012

Terraferma, 2012

Sail, 2012

Dead Tap, 2021

Sentinel, 2012

Surrender, 2012

Still, 2012

Manypeeplia Upsidownia 2012

These Troubling Times, 2012

Threshold, 2012

If it Were Me, I Wouldn't Bother, 2012

Out to lunch, 2012